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Dear IB Referral Partner,

Effective April 1, 2011, all Referral Partner accounts opened on or after April 1 will be subject to new payout rules as outlined below:

  • For each referral, IB will pay 30% of commissions up to $200.00.
  • The first payment of $100.00 will be sent when the referral reaches $333.34 in commissions.
  • The second payment of $100.00 will be sent when the referral reaches $666.67 in commissions.
  • Payout is valid one year from the opening of the referred customer’s account. If the commission minimums are not met during this one-year period, no payouts will be made.

In addition, please note that, due to regulatory restrictions, IB cannot make payouts for referred customers who reside in the US or Spain and cannot accept referral partners from Spain.

Referral fees are distributed mid-month, on a monthly basis.

Please note that you cannot participate in both the Referral Partner and Advisor programs. If you elect at any time to participate in the Advisor program, you will no longer be eligible for Referral Partner payouts.

For additional information, please contact your Interactive Brokers sales representative.

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